IRON GRAVEL is a BRAND. A BRAND that organizes a series of gravel events, currently there are 2. The IG360 held in Alicante city and the IRON GRAVEL in Busot. Both events have different distances and consist of cycling in self-sufficiency mode, non-competitive, a Track delivered by the organization to those registered. There is no time limit or classifications, but there is a time limit to complete the track.

Due to the characteristics of the course, a Gravel type bike (curved handlebars) is recommended, but any type of bike capable of off-road riding is allowed.

It depends on the event chosen and your level, but a width between 38 and 42 mm would be suitable and recommended for all events.

We deal with events with the IRON GRAVEL signature, and therefore we are always going to find ourselves at some point with gradients that exceed 20%. For this reason, the recommended gearing must be very wide. The configuration with two chainrings would be a 32/42 with the large 36 or 42 sprocket, and with single chainring a 40 x 50.

Yes, although there are few kilometers on the road, you must respect the rules and the Road Safety Law.

Yes, although given the non-competitive nature of the event, these times are more than enough to complete it with a physical level adapted to the route.

The idea of the events organized by IRON GRAVEL is based on self-sufficiency, but we set up, taking advantage of the control points, a basic provisioning. Please read the Runner’s Guide in each event, where these points will be well informed.

Over 18 years old, no federation license is required. Adventurous cyclists eager for new experiences in an environment that will surprise them.

Yes, all our events are organized with the navigation formula, and the absence of signaling is total. The route has no markings or beacons to follow. It is mandatory, necessary and essential GPS and auxiliary battery to hold all the hours you calculate for your event.

Yes, the area where the final party will be held will be open to the general public.